A Humorous Look at Today’s Politics

Coyote The Trickster

Many cultures have a “trickster” character. They typically play jokes on others or confuse them. They often cause total chaos.

The trickster character varies depending on the culture. In many Native American cultures Coyote is the trickster. In Eurasia, Fox plays a similar role. Loki is one of the Norse gods, who causes much mischief. The Middle East has Juha, and in Africa, Anansi the spider.

Coyote is portrayed differently by different tribes. He is generally amoral, and his tricks can have some very nasty outcomes. He doesn’t usually have a plan, preferring to just create mischief whenever possible. He is notoriously promiscuous. He doesn’t hesitate to throw other characters “under the bus”, including his friends and allies. He is sometimes a buffoon.

When you closely, Donald Trump is Coyote, which explains a lot. In our culture we do not have a trickster character. We tend to see things as “good” or “evil”. But Coyote is a trickster, which doesn’t fit into that viewpoint. Because we have no character in our cosmology like him, Trump is able to wreak havoc and get away with it, because people don’t really understand what he is.

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In some Native American Coyote stories, the characters are different animal archetypes, rather than humans. The funny tales can be a bit ribald and racy. These tales are the same.

We live in New Mexico and at night we hear the coyotes joyfully sing their songs. They inspired me.

I hope you enjoy these modern Coyote tales.